Why Living Foods

We want Living Foods… it is believed that living foods get their electrical charges from the highly charged electrons sent to us by the sun. The foods condense the sunlight energy and feed it to our body’s cells.

We started as one DNA cell and every thing is made up of cells… every bone, tendon, ligament, organ…Our challenge every day is to renew, regenerate, rejuvenate our cells.

In his book “Healing is Voltage” *Dr. Jerry Tennant say’s ; we get a new kidney every …..a new liver ….the retina in our eyes are replaced every…this is why we need to eliminate the things that are breaking down ..destroying the cells and replace with the things that are rebuilding regenerating the cells.
The following are 10 toxic substances that causes cellular damage, they cause acidity, dehydration, oxidation, and or inflammation.

1. Pasteurized Dairy
2. Sugar…refined sugar & especially fructose
3. Refined white flour
4. White table salt,
5. Avoids trans-fats
6. Hydrogenated oils (especially Canola Oil)
7. Caffeine
8. Alcohol
9. Smoking
10. Soda Pop
11. Cool Aid
12. Energy Drinks
13. Fluoridated/chloride water-Tap Water

Living Foods Provide Oxygen
Living foods not only address the four major causes of disease …acidity, inflammation and oxidation, and dehydration. Living foods provides oxygen for optimum health. Without sufficient oxygen in our blood we develop symptoms of low energy, a sluggish digestion and slow metabolism. These are signs/symptoms of a possibility of serious illness to follow. Otto Warburg the 1931 Nobel-prize winner has concluded that oxygen deprivation is a major cause of cancer and that with a steady supply of oxygen to all cells, cancer could be prevented . With our polluted cities and inactive lifestyles, most people do not get enough oxygen to power a healthy body. Processed foods and cooked foods contain no oxygen.

A living foods diet, offers the body a continual and abundant supply of oxygen. At Natural Foods Plus …more than a health foods store, we have a juice bar. It’s called the Juice Caboose because it’s located in the back of the store. It’s the most important aspect of Natural Foods Plus. It’s where “healing and rejuvenation begins”. We have “Living Foods” and the most biological active cellular supplements in the State of Ohio.

Want to experience some Living Foods come to:

Natural Foods Plus & the Juice Caboose
2901 Philadelphia Dr. Dayton, Ohio 45405
Call us at: 937-279-0994

*I’m very proud to say I’m an educator and student of the …Dr. Jerry Tennant’s Institute of Integrative Medicine… having completed more than 40 hours of training and learning his advanced protocols to Integrative Medicine.


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