Succeeding Against All Odds

Purchase this transformational book that will show you exactly how other people have succeeded in spite of very challenging circumstances.  Succeeding Against All Odds uncovers the unexpected insights, advantages and blessings that can be gained when you embrace seemingly insurmountable challenges.

This book, new from Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork,  and co-author, Rick L. Poole, healer, entrepreneur and founder of Natural Foods Plus is guaranteed to change the way you think. This book is the second in a series of books created to inspire entrepreneurs to shake up old paradigms of success.

In Succeeding Against All Odds, 37 entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals share their true “underdog” stories and the keys to their success.

Rick’s Chapter, Surviving Cancer Twice will tell you his story about overcoming physical cancer, as well as his beliefs around culture cancer and the power of your thoughts.  This book will inspire you and change the way you view challenges in your life.


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Succeeding Against All Odds

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Overcoming cancer is my mission… both physical and societal/cultural cancer. I developed M.I.N.D.S and the 7 Steps to Become Healthy Naturally programs to address both.

I’m called the Natural Healer and I use 7 Steps to address physical health challenges…The Perpetual Cycle of Pain & Misery also known as Syndrome X. The 7 steps include: Assessment, Detoxification, Cellular Nutrition, Exercise/Rebounding, Ionize/Alkaline/Kangen Water, Bio-Modulator, The MIND.