Hello, I’m Rick L. Poole.

I am an author, healer and cancer survivor and I am thrilled that you are here right now.  Please enter your name and email address on the right side of the website to get my free eBook on Ten Steps to Feeling Healthy, Energetic and Alive Again.  This will start you on the path to […]


First Annual Success Summit and Book Launch Party

Living Brave: Succeeding Against All Odds When Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM Event will begin promptly, regardless of weather. Where The Mandalay 2700 East River Road, Dayton, Ohio 45439 Cost $30 per/person  ($100 value) Purchase tickets at the door or online  ——————> Experience the transformational message: Learn how to awaken your authentic […]

Ten Reasons to Get Started with Stott Pilates

        Stott Pilates is a contemporary approach to the original “mind-body” exercise method pioneered by the late German athlete Joseph Pilates. Such methods not only yield remarkable results, like pain-free posture and longer, leaner muscles, they actually feel good to do. Here are ten great reasons to get started. Reason #1: Flatten, […]

4 Good Reasons to Drink Kangen Water

The Kangen Water Ionizer was developed by Enagic, a Japanese company established in 1974. 39 years in existence. The SD501 machine is categorized as a Medical Device in Japan and is in 278 hospitals. Enagic was awarded an honorable endorsement from the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult Diseases – a non-profit organization made […]

Why Living Foods

We want Living Foods… it is believed that living foods get their electrical charges from the highly charged electrons sent to us by the sun. The foods condense the sunlight energy and feed it to our body’s cells. We started as one DNA cell and every thing is made up of cells… every bone, tendon, […]